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Lubricant, which one do you choose for what? I will briefly explain to you which lubricant is best for which

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Unboxing Liebe Seela Wine Red Leather collr with leash

Deep red collar is both one of quality and elegance. Genuine soft Red cow leather and the brilliant rose gold metal parts really complement, and build off on one another to form this truly charming refined piece. Attached to the collar are three D-rings which lends itself well to many styles of play. Along with straps and chains of your

Svakom Edeny

Experience the mix between lust and luxury with Edeny, the newest app-controlled clitoral stimulator. Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or looking for some extra fun in a solo session, the possibilities are endless! The seductive tongue-shaped design blends in perfectly with your intimate area and the curved structure ensures endless fun. The ribbed design of this clitoral stimulator provides an

Unboxing Dreamtoys Blaze restraint body harness with collar

A body restraint harness in leather look with an integrated collar and hand cuffs.  The collar, the wrist cuffs and the waist strap are adjustable in size with buckle closures. A restraint set is a great BDSM tool, but use it with care and never leave a bound person unattended. Dimensions: collar length 18.5inch, waist to neck strap length 18.1inch,