F-Machine Tremblr milking machine

F-Machine Tremblr milking machine

The F-Machine Tremblr is the brand new hands-free masturbation machine designed to suck and fuck you for as long as you want, whenever you want.

Imagine an on-tap expert blow-job that you control from your fingertips whenever you want, as many times as you want.

Tremblr never gets tired, Tremblr never gets bored. Tremblr can suck your dick soft, slow and sensually, or it can take you balls deep sucking and fucking you to a high speed frenzied climax.

It’s hard to imagine, but you will start to look at Tremblr as your new lover, you will get excited by Tremblr’s mere presence in the room and yes it’s more than likely you will fall in love with a machine.

Tremblr takes its name from the effect it will have on your legs, literally leaving you shaking and trembling blowing your cock and your mind together in one big powerful hit.

This isn’t a toy you will get bored with after 5 minutes, this is a toy you will re-arrange your life to spend more time with, forever making excuses to find those extra few minutes to spend with your new machine.

Like all our F-machines, Tremblr is quiet, in fact it’s by far the quietest machine we have ever built.

The only way your neighbours will know what you are doing, is if you can’t keep a lid on your guaranteed over-excitement…

FeaturesExtremely rugged and discrete carry caseWireless remote control (start stop, speed control, suction power/travel)

3 Ultra-lightweight masturbation receivers (hands free)

180 strokes per minute top speedPowerful yet silent industrial spec motor & speed controller

Adjustable pump powerInternal storage compartments for standard accessories

Fits 95% of penis sizes (supplied with 3 receiver sizes (M, L, XL)110/240V auto switching power adaptor suitable for most power supplies globallyPower cord with UK Plug.

EU Adapter included.Machine viewing window with blue activation LED’s and machine cut-out red LEDInbuilt electric cooling fan for extended usage in even the hottest situationsSupplied with all tools and hardware for maintaining and adjusting your machine.

Note: This product is on order and cannot be canceled after ordering.

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