Put the meaning Sex back in the right place

Put the meaning Sex back in the right place

Sex still has a wrong connotation.

Sex is abused and therefore gets a bad reputation.

That has to stop, we have to stand up for sex.

What is sex really?

When you ask the dictionary it tells you that sex is intercourse or making love.

When you make love, love comes from both sides and it can never be unpleasant, against someone’s wishes, etc.

So it is really only a pleasant activity where love flows.

Then why are there so many misconceptions about sex?

This is certainly not because of sex itself, but because people abuse sex and that gives negative feelings and expressions.

You could say yes, but when you have a One night stand, the sex is not love.

That argument is certainly not true.

The love hormone that you produce during sex is also there when you have a One night stand.

When you make a deep connection and expose yourself to another, there is certainly a form of love.

We also bring Sex down in our daily language.

That is in our culture at the moment.

We are going to do dirty things, do naughty things, etc.

So instead of sharing experiences, giving tips to each other, we remain silent or do things secretly.

And that is at the expense of our sex life and ultimately also our well-being.

We live in hectic times where we should experience as much relaxation and pleasure as possible with ourselves and our partners.

Sex is, among other things, a stress reducer, where many take pills to relax, more sexual activities should be planned instead.

Never before had we had sex so little as we do today.

the average couple has sex once a week.

That can be different, that can be better.

That’s why we should celebrate sex instead of hiding or abusing it.

It is now May which is the worldwide official month for masturbation, self love.

It is no coincidence that this month is all about masturbation.

We now know thanks to many scientific and psychological studies that sex is super healthy and masturbation is certainly part of that.

Learning to appreciate and discover your own body gives you many positive benefits.

Both physically and psychologically.

When you have less and less sex in your relationship, you often start to feel less and less.

It seems as if we have forgotten how much fun you can have during sex, how nice, how exciting and how hot it actually is.

Being too serious about sex takes away the fun and when that is gone you are less likely to do crazy things, which is fun, and out of the ordinary, and when you act out of the ordinary it’s exciting and fun.

And when it is fun, exciting and delicious, you get a lot of satisfaction from it and you want it more often.

Therefore, a small recovery to the image of sex 😊

Enjoy this May masturbation month and do it one more time this week for yourself, for the goodsensations, for your imuum system, for the radiant skin that it gives you and for your cheerful mood … Sex the overall health bomb.

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